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Julia Palen Wood studied Interior Design at Virginia Commonwealth University. She pursued her interest in the elements of architecture conducting a study of Florentine doors and windows. Julia worked as an interior designer for Celeste Hart in Washington, DC and Circa Interiors in Charlotte, prior to joining Ruard Veltman's team in April of 2004. She now enjoys selecting interior finishes and details to complement the architect's structure from the earliest stages of design. In addition, Veltman Wood Interiors was formed in 2010 with Julia serving as lead designer on interior furnishing projects.

"I enjoy observing the way that form is enhanced by what is applied to it. The story of a room also interests me - the designers, the people who lived there, what was happening when it was created. I like to see the crosscurrents in architecture, art and objects of a certain time or place. Whether traveling or in town, it is seeing different spaces and how people live that inspires me."